The Kung Fu Bunny Saga begins

Before I’d joined English Central, which is where I now (unnaturally) happily spend my days, it had been decided that a blog focusing on ESL/EFL-related commentary would be a great way to speak directly to our website-goers about the industry we know a lot about and with our sparkling personalities and clever wit, who would resist tuning in to read the latest entry? So, I started putting in my two cents on our blog, along with Nicole and Tania. I also try to keep up with a few other blogs, like Delta Development Blog by Delta Publishing, Read Write Web and most recently, Jamie Keddie.

Couple this saturation in blog reading with quirky things that happen to me or I come across on my merry stroll through the internet and #banf#, you find yourself in the midst of my new, mostly ESL-unrelated blogging alter ego, Kung Fu Bunny. Why Kung Fu Bunny? That’ll have to wait for another day.


But in the meantime….  take a poll.


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