Business/busyness Pt 2: the Creation of a Workshop

“Writing Made Engaging” – that’s the title I gave to a then yet-to-be-created workshop back in July for this December’s TESL Ontario Conference.   Both our presentation proposals were accepted for the program (I’m SBK, Saturday December 12, 10:00-11:00).  Deadline for full presentation and handouts submission:  November 19.

Next step:  (July – November 14) Procrastinate–It’s far off in the future and there’s a lot of more immediate work that requires my attention.

Next step: (November 15 – November 20) Delay submission–No time to do anything in November with focus fully on our own conference (see previous post).  Ask to have the deadline pushed back until Monday, November 23.

Next step: (November 21 – November 22) Research–Read five writing texts from start to finish.

Next step:  (November 23) Create Powerpoint presentation–Spend entire day off putting together a visually appealing yet not overly flashy, informative presentation.  Send it to TESLOntario as requested.  Decide that the slides would act as handouts.

Next step:  (November 25) Statistics on room–Find out that there are 53 of a possible 70 people already registered for my workshop.  And it’s being videotaped and streamed live on TESLOntario’s website.  Ack.

Next step:  (December 1 – 10) Finalize what to say–Now that the slides are done and there’s a concrete flow and message, all I need to do now is to make myself sound intelligible and prepared.

I’m excited, but a little nervous.  It’s the biggest group I’ve ever spoken to in a workshop format.  So just for you EduGeeks out there, here’s the plan:


  • Identify what makes writing tasks uninteresting and unmotivating for students
  • Address each item by showing an example of not-so-good tasks and their counterparts
  • Give attendees a chance to discuss my suggestions while looking at chosen texts
  • Summarize group work as a whole
  • Finish with further suggestions

Another, more concrete post about the content to come, here.


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3 responses to “Business/busyness Pt 2: the Creation of a Workshop

  • Marcus Allomy

    That’s a fantastic angle to take for a workshop for TESLOntario. Sorry I didn’t choose your session there. I’m sure it would’ve been worth it! Any chance it’s going to be online sometime?

  • kfbunny

    Hey thanks! It went very well actually. I was quite happy especially since it was being recorded for TESL Ontario’s virtual world (whatever that is) for 2010. And… of course my computer conked out just before it began–over-charged, they say.

    Anyways, my presentation and everything is available here:
    English Central’s Event Calendar:


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