A festive event

With the purchase of our condo and the holidays coming up, I wanted to have everyone over to celebrate.  Unfortunately, I used up the housewarming party theme when we first moved in as renters (would it be uncouth to do it a 2nd time expecting gifts?  …. yes, yes it would).  So aside from just your standard Xmas get-together, I wracked my brain for original ideas.  Then, one morning while watching Breakfast Television, it came to me (as they were doing a segment on it):

Xmas Cookie Swap invitation

Invite everyone to a Xmas Cookie Swap!

Ok, so it’s not that original.  In fact, people have been doing cookie exchanges for decades.  My mom is involved in at least one or two every holiday season.  But it’s new to my generation, independent of our parents, at least in my neck of the woods.  (Aside:  why has that idiom cropped up in my last two posts?)

Now, the question left is:  What kind of cookies will be the most delicious?


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