the Xmas tree starts it all

Thanks to the cookie swap coming up in one short week and availability of transport (courtesy of my sister’s & nephew’s visit this weekend by van), Xmas decorating has begun in its foetal stages.  With the patience of a snail’s mother, Julie & Josh walked with us through the Eaton Centre, from one end, where Crappy Tire & Sears had their trees, to the other, where the Bay had theirs.  After some discussion and waiting for help, we picked up a 7′ with pre-lit white lights for $317.33 (that’s after 25% off and tax added).  The lights are displayed such that as you move around the room, they seem to flicker on their own.  Quite pretty though at the moment, bare:

Xmas Tree Xmas Tree

But why did we buy a new Xmas tree?

A note I never received at an apartment complex I no longer live at:
“[Dear Resident…We are cleaning out the basement this weekend.  If you have anything stored there that you wish to keep, please remove it before Friday.  Otherwise, we will consider it unwanted and dispose of it.  Thank you, Management.]”

I need to get some ornaments for the tree.  We’re thinking one colour, to keep some uniformity and simplicity to it.  But I’m torn between aesthetics and meaningfulness.  Which one is more important?


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5 responses to “the Xmas tree starts it all

  • kungfubunny

    I think a healthy mix between aesthetics and meaningfulness is key, but where do you really get the latter when you are buying first ornaments for the tree? I’m leaning towards the idea of finding one key ornament to start–one that either we absolutely love but does not go with the rest uniformly, or one that for some reason speaks to us and our journey this year. I’m tempted to go the route of a dated ball, but that almost seems too cliche.

    The second mystery I need solved is finding a colour scheme that we both like. In the Bay, I saw a dark forest green and deep red crystal beads. I think maybe paired with some natural pine cones might just be what makes the tree classy, yet traditional this time around.

  • Jan Cook

    I like your idea with the natural elements + the almost traditional colours! Sometimes I think the whole all-one-colour thing is too trendy and won’t last. Long live the old skool days of multi-coloured bulbs and randomly flickering lights!

  • Mark Blayer

    cool! my fam always puts up everything from the time i was a kid on. i haven’t had my own tree yet cuz i don’t have moola for one. pink everything would be my choice.

  • kungfubunny

    Still haven’t fully decided yet. My partner and I are gonna go out to IKEA on Friday night and see what specials they have there, though I think whatever they have might be good just as a base. IKEA isn’t really much for meaningfulness though.

  • kungfubunny

    We ended up with some dark green & black striped and dark red & black striped balls made of some sort of string (thank you IKEA) as well as white balls. Oh, and there are some stars made of popsicle stick-type material that just sit on the branches. Lovely really.

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