KfB recommends… Blog #1

I decided today that if I expect anyone to come to my blog from others, it is about time that I reciprocated with a blog roll of my own, which you’ll now find in the right-most column.  Sure, my hyperlinking gesture may just result in a minute cyber-karma increase rather than actual traffic, but that’s still good, right?  It’s Christmas after all.  With this goodwill in mind, I thought I’d do a couple entries on my favourites.

One of my favourite blogs is of the music variety, NEON GOLD (you’ll currently find it now betwixt “Kfbunny Elsewhere” and “Technology etc”).  Ok, I’ll level with you–I first noticed them because of the free music they give away, but later through some investigation, have come to believe they are a label themselves (they do sell the artists’ music on their site), promoting their own artists with mp3 downloads and complimentary descriptions.  I first discovered Marina & the Diamonds this way.

Since then, I’ve become a big fan of the Sound of Arrows too.

If you like pop music, I recommend trying out some of the best over there.


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