Micro to Macro, Pt 1: 10 Stellar Songs 2009

The end of the year always brings out the statistician in me.  I’m a sucker for them anyways, but every December, those countdown shows on TV  always inspire me to make lists.  And this year, we’re ending a decade, so it’s all the more special.  On that note, the next four blog entries are going to be about one of my favourite past-times:  MUSIC.  We’ll go from micro to macro, so get ready for some listening pleasure!

Kfbunny’s Choice: 10 Stellar Songs of 2009!

10.  Him | Lily Allen (listen)
Sure, it’s from an album of massive popularity from an artist you either love or hate, but it’s not one of the singles.  Still, it’s my favourite and it’s about Jesus.  That’s got to be worth some points for being in my top 10.

9. She Wolf (Deeplick Club Remix Radio Edit) | Shakira (listen)
As soon as she’d mentioned that she’d been listening to electro lately, I was all on trying out her latest album.  Turns out, it was a good call.

8. A Very Sad Song | The Sound of Arrows (listen)
Ok, so I missed the boat a little on this group, given this song actually came out on an EP in 2008.  But I love it so much!  And I just discovered it this year.  And…and… So sue me.

7.  I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris | Morrissey (watch video)
Inevitably we all get older.  And that end hasn’t eluded the once coolest lead singer ever, Morrissey, either, but I’m elated that this highschool crush of mine still puts out beautiful tracks like this one.

6. Celebration (Benny Benassi Remix) | Madonna (watch video)
Hmm.  I take it back.  Madonna is still in top form  in her videos, fairly monotonous though they may have become.  Still, this greatest hits song kicks the album version’s ass and features Lola.  Now that’s a Mom for ya.

5. Love Etc | Pet Shop Boys (watch video)
I gotta say, I loved this lead single even before I saw the flying bird-men of backing vocalist, Chris Lowe in the graphic heavy video.  It’s just so catchy.  PSB at the top of their game, finally.

4. Amour Love | La Roux (listen)
Never did I have such hope for the return of pop music than I did when I first heard La Roux’s debut album!  From start to finish, it gave me hope and this song jumped out right from day one.

3.  Vanilla Twilight | Owl City (listen)
I love 90210.  There, I said it.  And that’s how I first heard about this band.  Sure, it’s a bit too commercial for my normal liking, but it’s just SO DAMNED PRETTY.

2.This Must Be the Place | Miles Fisher (watch video)
When I saw the video, I was blown away with how well done it was to resemble that movie… Then the song is catchy AND he has a great voice.

1. I am Not a Robot | Marina & the Diamonds (watch video)
Can this girl make a bad song?  Nope.  Her videos are pretty sweet too.  This song speaks to my emotions as she sings through her emotions.   Plus, I am not a robot.  Of course, “only a robot would make such an assertion” (T. Iveson).

I hope you’ve thoroughly enjoyed hearing music I’ve loved.  Ready (or not),  next up:  Best Albums of 2009!


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