I Used to Be a Geek

I am a total nerd.   Or at least I thought I was.  I’ve obsessed over comic books and chatted with friends (even sought out like-minded geeks) to talk about story arcs and how they are shaping the DC multiverse.  I was so excited throughout Ultimate Fantastic Four #21 when it looked as though the 616 universe and the Ultimate universe might crossover.  And then to have the question “Ever get the feeling that you’ve been had?” be staring at me in the face in a clever twist that lives up to the line’s name.  Drooling excitement!

Other noteworthy validations of my geekdom:

  • Trolled, then participated, then moderated online forums about Madonna
  • Took every opportunity to read ESL books for fun and discuss methodology with fellow teachers
  • Have Clark Kent glasses

I thought for sure I was a geek, or an EduGeek at minimum, but suddenly because of this illustration originally found here, it’s all come crashing down into a unnerdly destruction:


I don’t even understand half of the bubbles.  I guess I’ll just have to learn to accept being cool.


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