You, Time-lapsed over a Decade?

Taking a pic of yourself everyday for 3 years results sounds lame, but sometimes what’s lame ends up so cool.

That is one of the most intriguing videos I have ever seen!  See how you change appearance over time is usually only documented by a few photos a year, and almost never in the same exact pose (except for the yearly school photos from childhood).  When I was growing out my hair five years ago, I did take monthly photos of myself (another example of being a geek?) to document how much it had grown.  But this, this is much cooler!

This lead me to find related links on youtube…. here’s one of a guy over 6 years!

Imagine doing this everyday for 20 or 30 year?  Man, I’d better start now.

Incidentally, I found the first video here by searching for “moose knuckles” because it’s on the inside of Ian’s new jacket and we didn’t know what it meant until today.  Quite unrelated, you’d think, eh?

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2 responses to “You, Time-lapsed over a Decade?

  • Wes

    Now, this just RIVETED me to my seat. What I found curious was how I was ‘locked’ onto Noah’s eyes the entire time. What an amazing idea. Thanks for the experience!

    • kfbunny

      Ya, Noah has a certain consistent expression, like he’s permanently doubtful. There are many more video experiments like this on youtube, which can range from a month to several years as well.

      I’m happy you found this through my blog! Cheers.

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