Wii Me: Preface

This is me talking about my BMI and weight.  I never really thought I would be, honestly.  For most of my adulthood, I’ve hovered between 70kg (154lbs) and 75kg (165lbs).  I’m 5’9″ (176cm), so that’s a pretty ideal range for me.  But last year at about this time, I noticed from a photo of me holding my newborn nephew and looking down at him, that not only did my chin seem to have disappeared in a downward slope of neck to my chest, but that my slender physique had been wrapped with the proverbial spare tire (or two).  I jiggled.  I just figured it was due to holiday eating and soon enough, my body would shed the extra weight and I’d be done with it.  Fast forward a year and I’m still jiggly.

During this past holiday season, my sister’s family got a Wii Fit board and Wii Fit Plus software.  I tried it out and was smacked in the face.  First, it told me my BMI was over 26, which was overweight (anything over 25 was considered at higher health risk).  Second, I weighed a lifetime high of 83kg (182lbs).  Third, my ideal weight was 72kg (158lbs).  The silver lining was that the training games were fun and told you how many calories you’d burn by doing them.  Then it plotted your weight change day by day, gave you goals to achieve and workout routines to choose from.  FINALLY, a way to exercise in front of the TV playing games!

So this has started my endeavour into the world of Wii weight-loss, which I’ll share with you every Monday until I reach my goal weight of 72kg (158lbs).  I’m not a Biggest Loser contestant, nor am I anyone famous, but hopefully you’ll find it interesting to see how this goes.

Wii Me Challenge

January 2, 2010 | Starting weight: 82.8kg / 182.54lbs / BMI 27.0

My pup and I @ Mom's over Xmas 2009


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4 responses to “Wii Me: Preface

  • shirley

    didn’t you just cut Ian out of this picture – that is hilarious! good luck with your goal – i KNOW you will reach it!!!!

  • kfbunny

    Haha, yes. He isn’t part of the post, so I didn’t want to use his pic. Thanks about the support, Mom! Things are going well so far. How well? I’ll let you know in the next post tomorrow. 🙂

  • anne benson

    Hey buddy,
    This is exciting, I too have the Wii fit plus and I am using it along with DDR (after Korea I never thought I would do that but here I am loving it) and Wii resort. I got the Wii and Wii fit last year and although I used it I didn’t really lose any weight, but the new Wii fit plus and the other games are much more fun so here’s hoping it will inspire me to use it more. Good Luck with your endevours, but hey you always accomplish what you set out to do so no luck needed.

    • kfbunny

      Thanks Anne! Encouragement and support are definitely helpful! I can see how just the yoga and strength training would get boring not long after. The Training Plus games do motivate me because of my competitive spirit, plus I keep watching that goal calorie burn go down and down in number with each game.

      Anywho, good luck to you too! We can do it! (Wasn’t that a Pagoda phrase?)

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