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Wii Me ChallengeHere it is:  the first week of my Wii Me Challenge is complete!  It’s been loads of fun and quite a bit of work, especially in the discipline department to make sure I work out for no less than 1 hour everyday (gets a bit hard after finishing work at 7PM some days).  I didn’t pay too close of attention to what I put in my mouth, which probably accounts for a few times when the daily results didn’t make me happy.

I set aside from about 8:30PM to 10:00PM every night to do a basic routine of the same exercises and games and then did the Body Test after I showered at the end.  The only exceptions to this would be on Mondays, my day off, where I managed to work out intermittently for longer.  About a quarter of the way through the week, I decided on a routine of:

a) Yoga: Deep Breathing–>Half-Moon–>Warrior–>Tree–>Sun Salutation–>Standing Knee–>Palm Tree–>Chair
Then I did either the Triangle (oi, awful pose for me!), Dance (a little hard to keep balance) or Spine Extension.

b) Strength Training: Single-leg Extension–>Torso Twists–>Single-leg Twist–>Sideways Leg Lift–>Tricep Extension–>Rowing Squat
Then I did either Jacknife, Lunge or Push up & Plank (all of which nearly killed me).

c) Aerobics: Advanced Step–>Super Hula Hoop (6 mins)–>Basic Run (Short)–>Advanced Step–>Rhythm Boxing (Expert)–>Basic Run (Island Lap)–>Advanced Step
Sometimes I mixed it up with a Free Step or Free Run.

d) Training Plus: Rhythm Kung Fu (Advanced)–>Obstacle Course (Beginner)–>Obstacle Course (Advanced)–>Driving Range (Iron)
Those are what I always do, but then I add whatever others I feel like doing that day just to break up the monotony (“…of all that hardcore dance that has gotten to be a little bit outta control, it’s cool to dance…” sorry about that, certain phrases always make me break out into song).

e) Aerobics again:  Advanced Step–>Basic Run (Island Lap)–>Super Hula Hoop (6 mins)–>Rhythm Boxing (Expert)–>Advanced Step

This (or close variations of it), plus taking breaks to drink water or have an apple, almost always took me about 90 mins or so to complete.


Jan 2 26.73 82.8 / 182.54
Jan 3 26.41 81.8 / 180.34
Jan 4 26.21 81.2 / 179.02
Jan 5 26.18 81.1 / 178.79
Jan 6 26.08 80.8 / 178.14
Jan 7 25.96 80.4 / 177.25
Jan 8 26.12 80.9 / 178.35
Jan 9 25.89 80.2 / 176.81
Jan 10 26.28 81.4 / 179.46
Jan 11 26.12 80.9 / 178.35
Overall gain/loss -0.61 -1.9 / -4.19

So although I hit a peak low on Jan 9, I guess I can’t complain now either–a loss is a loss.  I do feel good having exercised and can see the beginnings of a slightly reshaped abdomen.  So, Wii Me followers, I’ll check back in next Monday.  Wish me luck (and determination)!


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2 responses to “Wii Me: Week 1

  • shirley

    Go Ty – having lost 4.19 lbs is great to start with BUT perhaps you would feel even better if you had taken some key measurements (chest, waist, etc.). You usually lose more in inches than in pounds in the beginning. Good job honey – keep up the good work. The benefits are greater than just losing the weight.
    mom xoxoxox

    • kfbunny

      I’m trying. Thanks Mom! I bought a tailor’s measuring tape today and it read my waist was 3″ more than pant size. Ian tried it out too and same. So I guess pant sizes lie.

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