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Wii Me ChallengeHere it is: week 2 of my Wii Me Challenge is complete!  I had some rather disappointing results most of the week, to be honest, despite having worked harder and longer than in week 1.  I was beginning to think that the Biggest Loser Week 2 curse was crashing down upon me, at least until today.  Hopefully Week 3 will produce more number-related results.  On the plus side, I feel stronger and can seem to handle the yoga, strength training and running on the spot drills much more easily.  I’ve noticed that pants and t-shirts are starting to get a better fit and like how they look on me again.

I was on a mission this week.  I set a calorie-burn goal (which you can do on Wii Fit Plus by clicking on the food item you’d like to burn off that day) as a chocolate bar, listed at 455 calories–not an easy goal to do in my previously chosen time frame.  As a result, I spent as much time as possible working out, often for about 30 minutes in the morning before work and about an hour and half after work.  On weekends, I went nearly or exactly 3 hours on each of the days.  My routine this week consisted of:

a) Aerobics:  Advanced Step–>Free Run
b) Yoga: Half-Moon–>Warrior–>Tree–>Sun Salutation–>Standing Knee–>Palm Tree–>Chair
c) Strength Training: Single-leg Extension–>Torso Twists–>Single-leg Twist–>Sideways Leg Lift–>Rowing Squat
d) Aerobics: Advanced Step–>Basic Run (Long)–>Advanced Step–>Rhythm Boxing (Expert)–>Free Run–>Advanced Step–>Rhythm Boxing (Expert)
e) Training Plus: Obstacle Course (Beginner)–>Obstacle Course (Advanced)–>Rhythm Kung Fu (Advanced)
e) Aerobics again: Advanced Step–>Basic Run (Island Lap)–>Super Hula Hoop (6 mins)–>Rhythm Boxing (Expert)–>Advanced Step

If I had extra time, I repeated the process, minus a couple Yoga poses and a couple Strength Training exercises.  I also added in Driving Range (Iron), Snowball (Advanced) and focussed mostly on doing another couple Aerobics ones, like Free Run (it claimed to burn off 70 calories each time) and Rhythm Boxing (Expert), which claimed to burn off 67 calories each time.  I also tried to pay a bit more attention to what I put in my mouth as well, eating Subway sandwiches–thank you, Biggest Loser for that suggestion–and salads.  Oh, I did take January 15th off completely to celebrate a special anniversary.


Jan 2 26.73
82.8 / 182.54
Jan 11 26.12 80.9 / 178.35
Jan 12 26.05 464 102 80.7 / 177.91
Jan 13 25.76 335 72 79.8 / 175.93
Jan 14 25.79 331 74 79.9 / 176.15
Jan 15 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Jan 16 25.89 692 150 80.2 / 176.81
Jan 17 26.12 824 156 80.9 / 178.36
Jan 18 25.63 636 122 79.4 / 175.05
This Week’s gain/loss -0.49 -1.5 / -3.3
-1.1 -3.4 / -7.49

Despite my early frustration this week, I can’t complain.  When I look at the overall weight loss, I’m quite pleased.  I guess the best thing is to not focus on the day to day, but rather the week to week.  So and big thumbs up to Wii Fit Plus for Week 2!


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5 responses to “Wii Me: Week 2

  • shirley

    having lost 7 1/2 pounds in two weeks is great i think. You can’t expect to lose a great deal each week because you don’t have enough weight to lose in the first place. you will notice more “muscle” appearing I think and clothes fitting better. Keep up the good work Ty
    mom xoxoxo

    • kfbunny

      Thanks, Mom! I am happy about it. It’s just when I gain after working out so much, it’s discouraging. I know that it will be good in the end; all this exercise can’t be for nothing. And no, not a whole lot to lose to begin with, but enough. 🙂

    • kfbunny

      Plus, as we know, you need muscle in order to burn fat when you’re not exercising, so I’m sure that’s a component in speeding up my metabolism.

  • Wendy

    Awesome!!! I would totally go with the not worrying day to day..that is really going to fluctuate!
    xo W

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