Signed Copies of Books

Last month, we were in Indigo looking at new books and I found a signed copy of Margaret Atwood’s latest novel, The Year of the Flood, which I promptly bought for regular price minus the membership discount.  I was so happy to have come across it as I’d always wanted a signed copy of one of her books.

This fascination with signed copies I think stems from my comic book collection.  Whenever you get a signed copy of a comic and it’s in excellent condition and it’s been graded by CGC, it’s worth quite a bit more than just a regular comic by itself.  I’ve been lucky enough to obtain a few signed comics, and whenever I do, I feel this pride, like I’ve invested wisely in my future.

With books, I’d never had a signed copy.  I don’t know whether they appreciate in value afterwards.  But since I love Margaret Atwood novels, hers was the signature I wanted to start off with.

Does this also apply to my industry?  We had Adrian Underhill, author of Sound Foundations, at the store for a workshop, I thought it would have been a great idea to have him sign a bunch of his books.  Of course when I thought of it again, he’d already left.  But then the question came up again, would teachers be interested in having signed copies of ESL/EFL/ELT books like I was about fiction and comics?  Is there the same desire?

Now please add your personalization to my blog by completing a little survey on this topic courtesy of my friends at SurveyMonkey?  I thank you in advance.


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4 responses to “Signed Copies of Books

  • shirley

    I’m so happy you got the signed copy of Margaret Atwood that you wanted. It is nice to see you excited. I think most of your life, I tried to see you excited but always about the wrong things. Things that I thought you would/should be excited about. Sorry about that love. If I could do it over!

    • kfbunny

      That’s a very insightful look at how you reacted to me as a child! I know I rarely am enthusiastic about much, but there are the few exceptions–this being one of the more recent.

      I think for me, the signed copy of a book contributes to my feeling of being special and individual, even on such a material way. It’s not the condo or the sofa or the design I have (especially lately) that does so as much.

  • Karenne Sylvester

    A very cool idea actually!

    You could even make them special prizes or gifts based on certain actions or perhaps even raffle them off to raise money, say to create a scholarship for visiting an international conference on your behalf.


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