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Wii Me ChallengeHere it is: week 3 of my Wii Me Challenge is complete!  A big MEH to the results, I must say.  I know I shouldn’t focus on the number, but how my clothes fit, etc.  It’s just not that easy.  When you step on that Body Test and it shows either no change or a gain, it’s just plain depressing.  Still, I shall not give up!  Week 4 has got to be better.

I didn’t change the routine that much although I did focus on aerobics.  Unfortunately, my heels have been giving me some grief this week, partially due to the amount of Free Run I did last week, but also because of some new shoes I’ve been wearing to work that have very little cushioning.  As a result, I’ve had to replace the run with Free Step (a much slower version) and buy myself some Dr. Scholl’s.  I also made a new rule for myself that if my score doesn’t get me in the Top 10 for that activity, I have to do it again.  This only happened twice:  1 on Rhythm Boxing and 1 on Advanced Obstacle Course.

a) Aerobics: Advanced Step–>Free Step (20 mins/30 mins)–>Rhythm Boxing–>Advanced Step
b) Yoga: Half-Moon–>Warrior–>Tree–>Sun Salutation–>Standing Knee–>Palm Tree–>Chair
c) Strength Training: Single-leg Extension–>Torso Twists–>Single-leg Twist–>Sideways Leg Lift–>Rowing Squat
d) Aerobics: Advanced Step–>Free Step (20 mins/30 mins)–>Advanced Step–>Rhythm Boxing (Expert)–>Free Step (30 mins)–>Advanced Step–>Rhythm Boxing (Expert)
e) Training Plus: Obstacle Course (Beginner)–>Obstacle Course (Advanced)

I took Tuesday night off because I met up with a friend for dinner.  I also gained on Sunday (like last Sunday), I think because of the fatty brunch I ate at Cora‘s.  Delicious, btw.


Jan 2 26.73
82.8 / 182.54
Jan 18 25.63

79.4 / 175.05
Jan 19 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Jan 20 25.54 323 74 79.1 / 174.39
Jan 21 25.50 322 74 79.0 / 174.17
Jan 22 25.54 455 105 79.1 / 174.39
Jan 23 25.50 302 68 79.0 / 174.17
Jan 24 25.83 501 115 80.0 / 176.37
Jan 25 25.63 882 180 79.4 / 175.05
This Week’s gain/loss 0.00 0.0 / 0.0
-1.1 -3.4 / -7.49

So I must look on the bright side:  at least I didn’t gain weight.  And probably, there has been some muscle gain and toning involved.  Here’s to an improved Week 4!


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One response to “Wii Me: Week 3

  • shirley

    just keep up the good work – as we talked the other day, your heart and lungs etc. thank you for getting your whole overall body in better shape. Cardio is such a good thing.

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