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Wii Me ChallengeHere it is: week 4 of my Wii Me Challenge is complete!  After a stalled Week 3, I decided to change things up a bit for this week.  I found that even though I knew not to take each day’s weigh-in too seriously, I was apprehensive about the Body Test and got discouraged easily by minor fluctuations in the results, be they slightly up or slightly down.  As a result, I decided to cut back on the Body Tests and focus more on what I was eating.  On top of that, the combination of a workday, then working out (everything “work”) gave me very little time to do anything else and it started to get to me.

I decreased my workouts from everyday to every other day.  I bought a truckload of salad ingredients for my lunches (and some dinners) in an attempt to curb the calories I took in, rather than simply trying to burn them off after I got home from work.  That said, note the inclusion of “the Food” in my rundown for the week.

Breakfast – Most mornings, I had either a bowl of Kellogg’s Special K (various flavours) or toast with unsalted butter, peanut butter and honey.  Plus, I had a cup of tea with 2% milk and sweetener. I know I know. Why don’t you switch to 1% or Skim Milk, Tyson?  Because they taste like watered down milk.  That’s why!  Oh, I also took vitamins with a glass of water and lemon.
– I always have an espresso with 2% milk and sweetener once I get to work and a fruit roll-up type snack (50 calories each).
Lunch – Along with a glass of water, to overcome nutritional boredom, I varied up what I put in the salads, but overall, they came out as a mixture of the following ingredients:

Spring Mix spinach avocado
green peppers yellow peppers red peppers
orange peppers grape tomatoes white mushrooms
eggplant zucchini strawberries
blueberries blackberries apples
provolone cheese old cheddar cheese baked honey chicken
Balsamic vinegar dressing Lemon Poppy dressing California dressing

Mid-afternoon – Usually I got a bit hungry at around 4PM and broke down to have another fruit-rollup type snack as well as a cup of tea with 2% milk and sweetener.
Dinner – This varied the most.  Many nights I ended up having leftover salad from lunch with a glass of 2% milk.  Other times I had baked honey chicken with a side of frozen vegetables with no toppings.  One Fridays, we go out for dinner for Japanese food or Korean food.  This week, I had Korean bibimbap, which is rice, veggies, fried egg and red pepper paste mixed together.
Mid-evening – Often at around 9PM, I get hungry again.  I decided often to have piece of bread with unsalted butter on it and perhaps a cup of green tea.

Sunday – This is our brunch day and my notorious weight-gain day.  I had a crepe filled with a mushroom omelette with hollandaise sauce and potatoes on the side.  Of course, there was coffee with milk and sweetener too!  At night, I made whole wheat pasta with Mediterranean tomato sauce, which included most of the vegetables I mentioned above.

I focused mostly on doing aerobics this week, but made sure to fit in one round of yoga and strength training as well.

a) Aerobics: Advanced Step–>Free Step (30 mins)–>Rhythm Boxing–>Advanced Step
b) Yoga: Half-Moon–>Warrior–>Tree–>Sun Salutation–>Standing Knee–>Palm Tree–>Chair
c) Strength Training: Single-leg Extension–>Torso Twists–>Single-leg Twist–>Sideways Leg Lift
d) Aerobics: Advanced Step–>Free Step (30 mins)–>Rhythm Boxing (Expert)


Jan 2 26.73
82.8 / 182.54
Jan 25 25.63

79.4 / 175.05
Jan 26 25.63 321 77 79.4 / 175.05
Jan 27 off off off
Jan 28 25.34 484 92 78.5 / 173.06
Jan 29 off off off
Jan 30 28.28 281 70 78.3 / 172.62
Jan 31 off off off
Feb 1 28.28 750 139 78.3 / 172.62
This Week’s gain/loss -0.35 -1.1 / -2.43
-1.45 -4.5 / -9.92

One month down and nearly 10 pounds off.  Overall, I have to say that the Wii Me challenge is working out pretty well.  If things keep going at this rate, I’ll be out of the overweight category on Wii Fit (you need to be under a BMI of 25.00) and I’ll hit my goal weight in about another 5 weeks.  Hooray!  And by the way, remember that dog I held in the photo on Wii Me: Preface?  I’ve lost the equivalent of a whole him in fat!  Scary.


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