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Wii Me ChallengeHere it is: week 6 of my Wii Me Challenge is complete! I tried out the Biggest Loser Wii Interactive Fitness this week, and cut down on the Wii Fit Plus.  I usually did the Free Step for 30 mins on Wii Fit Plus and whatever workout Biggest Loser had planned for me, which included the following types of exercises:

*Cardio –> jogging in place, boxing sways with upper cuts, jumping jacks, jumping jacks with sumo stances, mountain climber, jump rope (obviously with no rope)… each of these were about 30 seconds in total.
*Toning –> punches, punching with knee up, torso twists with knee up, lunges, planks, planks with leg lifts or arm up and leg lifts, seated ab lifts, tricep lifts… each of these was about 30 seconds in total.

These exercises in my training routine were set up in about 30-minute sessions, with two or three circuits combining all these exercises in various orders.  I have to say, I sweat much more than I ever did with Wii Fit Plus.  On the downside, I ended up gaining weight over the week for the first time since this challenge started.  I’m not entirely sure if I can chock it up to an increase in muscle or fat, considering overall I decreased the total time I worked out each day.

I didn’t do the best this week regarding my food intake either.  My bad, I baked some peanut butter crunch cookies and felt that it was ok to eat them each day given I was working out.  Wrong.


Jan 2 26.73
82.8 / 182.54
Feb 8

77.7 / 171.30
Feb 15 25.62 79.4 / 175.05
This Week’s gain/loss +0.54 +1.7 / +3.65
-1.19 -3.4 / -7.49

Next week, I’m going to have to push harder than I have obviously.  I’m happy with the way my torso has changed shape as well as my face slimming down, but I need to get myself a bit leaner still.


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4 responses to “Wii Me: Week 6

  • Mom

    isn’t it supposed to be all about how you FEEL and how your clothes FIT rather than what the numbers say? It seems you are happy with your shape but the figures are messing with your head. Put things in perspective son, so you don’t do your body a disservice by trying to reach a particular number on the scales. What do you think?

    • kfbunny

      If I was around 160 or so and I wasn’t losing anymore weight and my clothes were fitting perfectly and such, I’d agree with you. However, I know there is still too much fat on my body–I can see it. Despite clothes starting to fit better and things moving around a bit, I know there are numbers to still lose.

  • Wes

    Okay, KFB, but us rabid fans want pictures! You know, the before-and-after type – or in this case, the up-to-the-present type! :o}

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