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Wii Me ChallengeHere it is: week 7 of my Wii Me Challenge is complete! And damn, it was a good one that I had coming, finally!  I worked out 4 days, predominantly with Biggest Loser Wii, after warming up with Wii Fit Plus aerobics, yoga and strength training.  It basically worked out to 30 minutes of Wii Fit Plus stuff and then another 30-40 minutes of Biggest Loser.  I also started taking Jamieson’s CLA 95 supplement, an all-natural fat blocker, but stuck with only one in the morning as it upset my stomach if I took a second, which was recommended.  As a result, for the first time in 7 weeks, my BMI dipped out of “overweight” into “normal” range!

*Cardio –> jogging in place, boxing sways with upper cuts, jumping jacks, speed skater motions, opposing arm/toe touches, mountain climber, jump rope (with and without raised knees), lumberjack wood cuts…each of these were about 30 seconds in total.
*Toning –> punches, punching with knee up, torso twists with knee up, lunges, planks, planks with leg lifts, push-ups, torso lifts from laying position, … each of these was about 30 seconds in total.

I very much tried watching my calorie intake, as Biggest Loser allows you to approximately calculate the calories you’ve eaten and drank.  Most times, I hovered around 1500-1600 calories per day, give or take a few hundred.  Lunches typically consisted of salads, which I must say I’ve grown to crave by noon.  The only day I wasn’t careful was out for a friend’s birthday, where I ate and drank whatever I wanted, probably topping in at 2300 calories.


Start date
Jan 2 26.73
82.8 / 182.54
Week 6 Feb 15 25.54 79.4 / 175.05
Week 7 Feb 22 24.73 76.6 / 168.89
This Week’s gain/loss -0.81 -2.8 / -6.16
-2.00 -6.2 / -13.65


For the first time, I’ve decided to post some photos of the changes despite how cheesy the photos seem to be (and how shy I feel about doing so, although it’s just like if I went swimming in public, right?  By the way, I did have underwear on.).  Maybe next week, I’ll do a face portrait.  😉  People who know me have said that they can see the difference now in my face and clothes fit.  I can especially notice that my jeans have increasingly large gaps where they used to be snug.

Jan 11 / Week 2
Feb 22 / Week 7

I have about another 10 lbs to go in order to hit my goal weight/BMI.  Then, I ‘m going to go shopping for some new clothes!


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