Coursetree: A New Idea

With the recent changes in my career, I thought hard about how to accomplish what it is I want to do:

  • Continue work in the ESL/EFL industry
  • Not work solely for one school
  • Create new programs
  • Administer PD for teachers
  • Teach
  • Make enough money to live comfortably

What seemed the most sense and accomplishes most of these, at least in the longer term, was to start my own consulting business.  Doing so, I can spread myself around where projects are available, offer schools the services I want and feel could benefit their programs, stay within my area of expertise, but also give me enough freedom to do a variety of work that could fall under the umbrella of “program development”.  Hence, the ability to generate income can come from many sources and many roles, instead of putting all my eggs in one basket–something I think I’ve done enough of.

So, how to make all this happen?  I’m going to go through what I’ve done, step by step, and maybe someone reading this can be inspired to do the same (or alternatively, run away in fear, crying).

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Come up with an abbreviated business plan that indicates what services I can offer. Think of a company name that not only is relevant to the services I’ll provide, but is cool and that I’m happy with. Make sure said name isn’t already taken, both on the web and through Canada’s business registration.  Buy the domain name and register the business name.

Next steps to follow…


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