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Wii Me ChallengeHere it is: week 8 of my Wii Me Challenge is complete!  After 8 weeks of developing a routine that involves regular exercise and nutritional eating, I’ve noticed I’ve become used to this lifestyle.  Of course, the last 4 weeks have also included working from home, so when that stops, this routine is going to be shaken up.  Still, with what I’ve learned about my body and how it responds to food and exercise, I’m confident I’ll be able to maintain.

This week’s routine varied little from the last.  I worked out using Biggest Loser Wii 3 of the 7 days, with 1 extra day just using Wii Fit Plus Yoga and Strength Training exercises to vary things up.  Most of the time, if Biggest Loser Wii hadn’t chosen a workout routine for me, I chose the 26 min Challenging Full Body workout, the exercises of which I’ve gotten used to and can anticipate without any begrudging surprise.

*Cardio –> jogging in place, punch bag, speed bag, jumping jacks, opposing arm/toe touches, mountain climber, jump rope (with and without raised knees), lumberjack wood cuts…each of these were about 30 seconds in total.
*Toning –> punches, punching with knee up, torso twists with knee up, lunges, planks, planks with leg lifts, push-ups, torso lifts from laying position, … each of these was about 30 seconds in total.

Food remained pretty much unchanged with salads being the dominant lunch, though in lieu of chicken, I added more avocado and a fried egg.  I try to get in a fruit serving as well–this week was predominantly Fuji apples.  Dinners most often were baked honey dijon chicken with side salad or veggies, though one day I did serve whole wheat pasta with hollandaise sauce (mmmm, fatty).  I did my weekly brunch routine as well, this time with eggs benny using asparagus instead of meat.  The one big change was for my evening snack, I substituted peanut butter cookies or crackers for cucumber and red pepper slices with sundried tomato dip.


Start date
Jan 2 26.73
82.8 / 182.54
Week 7 Feb 22 24.73 76.6 / 168.89
Week 8 Mar 1 24.43 75.8 / 167.11
This Week’s gain/loss -0.30 -0.8 / -1.78
-2.30 -7.0 / -15.43


Hope you enjoyed viewing my naked upper body last week.  This time, I thought I’d let you have a look at my face instead.  Sorry about the low-quality webcam photo from today, but you gotta work with whatcha got.  Cheers!

Dec 26 / Week -2
Mar 1 / Week 8
Where’s my neck? Oh, there it is.

From now on, any loss I’ll take with a smile.  It’s getting to the point where I’m satisfied with the results and don’t expect (or want) a big weight loss.  My goal weight is now less than 10 lbs away, and it’s always the last few that take the longest time.


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5 responses to “Wii Me: Week 8

  • Mom

    you look wonderful – woudn’t the baked honey dijon chicken (I’m assuming it is prepackaged) be pretty fatty as well? Are you counting calories or fat or both on this diet? Regardless, whatever you are doing is working isn’t it.

    • kfbunny

      Thanks Mom!

      I’m basically counting calories. Sure, the fat and sodium percentages are concerns, but not all fat is bad, so I’m still a bit confused by that number. Similar with sugar. I’ve been cautioned that my calorie intake should remain around 1600 per day in order to lose weight, more if I exercise more. I’ve more or less tried to stick to that number.

      As for the chicken, it’s not particularly fatty as it is skinless chicken breast. Much of the sauce gets burned off during the baking and what’s left over, if paired with veggies or salad, isn’t worth worrying about.

  • georgeman

    The results definitely show! Keep up the good work; I’m enjoying your blog.

  • Wes

    Hey Tyson ~
    Besides feeling good, which I don’t doubt you are, I’d also say you’re looking good, too.
    Just my humble opinion.
    By the way, my cat Ty likes your name!

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