Wii Me: Week 10

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Here it is: week 10 of my Wii Me Challenge is complete!  And this will be my final Wii Me post.  :sob, sob:  It’s been a great run, but I feel like the journey has made it to its natural end.  I’m not at the original goal weight, but I’m realizing that that is not the real goal.  I feel healthy, toned and slim.  Those are the real goals, despite the number.  My Wii character even became slimmer!

For everyone out there who thinks they’d like to shed a pound or ten, you can do it!  I did it in 10 weeks simply through the Wii and better eating.  A very good luck to you all!


Start date
Jan 2 26.73
82.8 / 182.54
Week 10 Mar 15 24.27 74.84 / 165.00
10 WEEKS -2.46 -7.96 / -17.54


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