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Hello interested Wii Me Challenge followers!  It’s been a hearty four weeks since I ended my 10-week Wii Me Challenge.  With that end came the end of strictly watching my diet, exercising and those fear-inspiring weigh-ins.  I felt at that time that I’d reached my goal weight closely enough and had changed my eating habits for long enough that it was no longer necesssary to hold myself accountable to a weekly blog post.  It was a question of maintenance from that point on.  Well, four weeks later, I thought I’d post an update on how things have been since the last time.

I have to admit, not being held accountable by a blog post did take off some pressure to exercise daily.  In fact, I did get rather lazy that way.  My workouts decreased in a couple cases to just a mere once per week.  With nutrition, I let myself splurge with a hamburger meal each weekend and a full bacon-eggs-sausage breakfast too.  I’m trying to adopt the idea that I can be strict with my diet on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, a little less strict on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then relax on the weekends.

I’ve continued taking the CLA supplement that I mentioned way back in Week 7 and I’m sure it’s been working.  I continue to try and increase my daily intake of water (–that is bloody hard, I must admit, because I just don’t care for it unless it’s really hot outside, it’s ice-cold and from a water fountain–).

So, has the weight stayed off?  Have I been able to maintain the body shape I worked hard to attain?  I’m happy to report that the answers to these questions is YES.


Start date Jan 2 26.73
82.8 / 182.54
Week 10 Mar 15 24.27 74.84 / 165.00
Week 14 April 10 24.05 74.5 / 164.30
14 WEEKS -2.46 -8.3 / -18.24

So there you have it.  Once you get to the maintaining stage, you don’t have to work as hard or be as strict with your eating habits as you did to initially get the weight off.  If you’re up to a similar process, please let me know how you’re doing.


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