It’s such a loss, the laptop.

Today, my laptop officially gave up on itself.  It all began last Friday.  I was happily working away on stuff for Coursetree as well as listening to Caro Emerald on iTunes, when suddenly the monitor froze and a thousand faint yellow arrows spread across the open windows.  I was startled.  Nothing worked and I thought it must be a virus.  I performed a hard reboot and instead of the usual “Starting Windows” splash screen, the black background started to bleed in spots of grey.  Startled again, I did another hard reboot and it started up normally.

I thought:  Ok, I’ll update my virus software, do a good check of the systems and hope that solves the problem.  It didn’t.  Saturday, it started freezing, then shutting off by itself and rebooting.  This, it did twice during the span of 10 hours.  Sunday, it became increasingly more difficult to get past the bleeding grey stages of the startup.  I resolved to buy Windows 7 (something I’d been meaning to do when I had more cash) and format everything (another daunting task I’d been putting of for a year or so), hoping that would clean out the registry of problems and life would return to normal.

Monday, I did as planned, and everything ran smoothly again.  Then Tuesday came.  The little guy just wouldn’t start up.  It’d get to a Launch System Repair once or twice, then freeze and shut down abruptly.  I felt sad.

Today, I managed to get it to fully load once for about 5 minutes before it gave up completely.  Now, everytime I push the power button, it grunts and moans then gets stuck on the bleeding grey display.  I shut it down endlessly.  I now know it is a hardware problem.  My only hope is that it won’t cost me a new laptop to get it fixed.


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One response to “It’s such a loss, the laptop.

  • kfbunny

    How am I posting on this blog these days? I rushed out and got a new laptop–Acer Aspire 7740G-6969. It was just a few hundred more than having Baxter (my old baby) fixed.

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