Search the Internet & Be Eco-friendly

Thanks to the heads up from Margaret Atwood, I’ve discovered alternative search engines that are eco-friendly.  Like you’re probably thinking now, I first couldn’t fathom how a search engine could be eco-friendly or “save the rainforest” as most claim.  Then, after a little research, long story short, these eco-friendly search engines donate the majority of profit they receive from ads and sponsors to organizations like the WWF or The Nature Conservancy, which use it for environmentally-sound strategies.  You can set these pages as your homepage instead of Google and/or install the plugin for your browser, which places an unobtrusive search box in the address bar (at least in Firefox).  To hedge my bets, I’ve set done both, but with two different search engines.  Plus, for those stats geeks out there, you can see a running total of how many square metres of rainforest your searches have saved so far.  Sure, it’s superfluous really, but still fun.  I’ve done a number of searches and realized that for the most part, the results are similar to those of Google.

So why not try them out?  What can it hurt?  Not the rainforest, at least.

Eco-friendly Search Engines

For more information about how the search engine that I’ve made my Firefox homepage–Forestle, please click the following links:

For more information about the search engine I’ve used as the plugin for my browser–Ecosia, please click the following links:

Watch a video about how Ecosia works:


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2 responses to “Search the Internet & Be Eco-friendly

  • Dawn Obokata

    Hey Tyson;
    It was great to see you today. I’ve somehow lost your email address, but came across this while searching for you. Very interesting–I’m going to look into it.
    My daughter just finished her 3rd year in Enviro.Studies at York, and I’ll tell her about these links too.
    Anyway, I was really glad to hear that you’re doing a lot of workshops; maybe next time I’ll take one!
    I guess any lingering desire for a TESL class reunion have long since faded…I exchanged a couple of emails with Helena some months ago, but that’s it.
    Take care!

  • kfbunny

    Hey Dawn

    I reciprocate your feelings towards meet up at the conference! Like I said, I am loving your new hairstyle!

    Though on a stability level, my professional life has been a bit up and down lately, but in the end, that comes with the territory. I’ve enjoyed giving workshops at various places lately though.

    As far as TESL reunions, I’ve met up with Helena recently for brunch as she’s in town for a few weeks. A woman came up to me at the conference today asking if I was the Tyson that her friend Heather had talked about. I said yes. But as for others? I haven’t really kept in touch with anyone though I wouldn’t mind getting together again at some point.

    As far as email goes, you can use my work one,, which is probably the easiest to remember.


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