I hate you (or maybe it’s just your behaviour), Part 1

Normally I don’t focus on the negative.  I used to.  When I was a teenager (and probably before that too), friends would call me on my complaining.  I realized that no one liked a constant complainer.  However, sometimes, you just need to vent.  And thanks to an alarming number of irritating situations in recent weeks, I feel it is my civic duty to warn you of your potential anger-inducing behaviour.  Please, heed this advice for otherwise, I may punch you.

See these doors?  These types of doors close automatically:  subways, elevators and the cool ones in Star Trek spaceships.  The thing is, with subway doors in particular, people rush to get to them before they close.  Sometimes it’s a matter of being late for work;  other times, it’s just the challenge of narrowly making it a la Indiana Jones.  Whatever the case may be, I always seem to be behind the person who successfully makes it and then comes to a complete stop once through.   I’ll make it on, but I’ll get squished by the doors because dickhead doesn’t care about who’s behind him since his quest was already fulfilled.

A similar situation happens with elevators except it’s often on the way out.  I work for a school of international “adult” students.  The cram into the elevators, talking in their languages and laughing like the claustrophobia means nothing (take a look at this pic for proof).  Then, once we get to the ground floor, they saunter out in a lollygaggish way with no regard for the others still trying to exit.  Why get out of the elevator only to stand right in front of the doors?  Can you not just move to the side or–dare I suggest–walk to where you originally intended to go?

If you are either of these people, I hate you (or maybe it’s just your behaviour).


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6 responses to “I hate you (or maybe it’s just your behaviour), Part 1

  • Hope

    I hate them too 😀 I never found you that big a complainer, honestly, but maybe it’s because I was worse. lol

    • kfbunny

      I can distinctly recall being told to stop complaining (and yet still feeling as though it somehow satisfied a need to spread misery) by several frustrated individuals.

  • Mom

    I sure don’t find you to be a person who complains much. I actually do not remember you being a complainer when you lived at home either. However, the complaints that you have about the subway, elevator etc. are sure legitimate. I don’t know how anyone lives in a city your size without complaining about these things. Drives me crazy when I visit Toronto and we all know that isn’t very often unfortunatley. However, crowds anywhere drive me nuts and I guess I have always been that way so therefore live in a small town. At least that is my story and I’m sticking to it. LOL

  • Wester

    Hmm… this piece set off all sorts of klaxons. I then realised that I was one of those perpetually dissatisifed, angry complainers as well. It changed in early ’91, when the alcohol was summarily kicked out the door, the Doktor prescribed the Happy Pills, and I took myself to a wise Counsellor who helped me help myself.

    Long story short: it was Depression complicated by self-medication at the local Pub. While this is obviously not your situation, I thought I’d just put in my two cents with the hope that anyone else who reads this post and “sees” themselves in it will grab the proverbial bull by the horns and HELP THEMSELVES.

    I also learned a particularly valuable axiom along the way:
    It somehow keeps me on the safe path.

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