I hate you (or maybe it’s just your behaviour), Part 2

If you ask me, there should be a recommendation about how long you can stay in a hot tub;  oh wait, there is.

I went down to the pool area at about 8PM, took a book to read and expected a certain wait for hot tub use.  When I got there, these four people were in the hot tub.  I’d noticed them at the pool earlier in the day as I was there in the afternoon as well.  I thought–fair enough, enjoy the hot tub;  I’ll sit on a chaise and read until you get out.  I took a spot, shirt off, just to their right.  Unfortunately, sitting so close, I was forced to endure their semi-drunken immature conversation and behaviour.  They went on an on about how they weren’t pretentious, yet shopped at Louis Vuitton (Aside:  Thank you for the correct spelling…).  They accepted the guard’s request not to drink in the hot tub, yet did so when he wasn’t looking (or in a juvenile fashion, draped themselves on its side making a point of it to the guard).  I sat there until it got too dark to read.  At 9PM, frustrated, I put my shirt back on and left.

It seems ignorance and alcohol can do much for inconsideration.


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5 responses to “I hate you (or maybe it’s just your behaviour), Part 2

  • Janet

    It’ll be your age Ty. You’re probably turning into one of those Grumpy Old Men. I KNOW I’m turning into one of those Grumpy Old Women. I often said I would make an effort never to turn into my mother. Of course, similar as we are, I find now that I have turned into my mother!! Ha ha ha ha!!

    Of course, the younger generations are definitely more ignorant and have less manners than we did when growing up. They can’t spell for toffee either. 🙂

    • kfbunny

      I’m sure you’re right, Janet, though I’d like to think I’ve always had a sense of common courtesy, not just as a fledgling “grumpy old man”. I probably haven’t though.

  • Mom

    There will always be stupid people in the world who think being in a drunken state is “cool”. They suffer their own “hell” so just be thankful you are not one of them. They bring nothing to the table of life.

    • kfbunny

      True. In these particular individuals’ cases, I believe it’s youth that urge them to be so inconsiderate and belligerent. However, they’re not the first that have made me irritated with regards to their domination of the hot tub.

  • daniela

    you are welcome

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