10 observations about the G20 presence

1.  The TTC gets unpredictably shut down.  Is this a) to protect riders?  b) to prevent protesters from getting downtown quickly?  c) give the personnel an excuse to snooze?

2.  Stores I want to shop in are either closed or close early.  And after this afternoon, they’ll probably be closed for repairs.

3.  Protests pop up on a daily basis causing traffic delays, even for pedestrians like myself.

4.  Rogue protesters break stuff, set stuff on fire and generally wimp out on making a message credible.  Nice covered faces, no balls.

5.  Too much money is spent on cushy dinners and unattractive fencing that could be spent on dinners for the hungry and city beautification (amongst other worthy recipients).

6.  You can’t freely walk wherever you want to.

7.   World Cup + G20 = the majority of all conversation

8.   Steven Harper comes off as a gracious Canadian host.

9.  Muskoka was celebratory about the G8 presence;  Toronto is generally irritated with the G20 presence.

10.  The herds of raid police produce a feeling of police-state rather than of safety.


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9 responses to “10 observations about the G20 presence

    • kfbunny

      Of course. Neither am I. However, at the time, it was very irritating to go down to the subway doors and see signs posted saying that it was shut down until further notice. I’d like to have seen a reason too before the actual reason appeared smashing everything an hour later.

  • Toronto Transit Concerns

    ha! it is too true. Makes you feel like you were out too late and the subway closed, but in the day!

  • Toronto Transit Concerns

    I’m always being overlooked by the Man.

  • Wester

    Had I not seen the occasional Maple Leaf in the background of the photos, or recognised a familiar street corner, I might have concluded that the images were coming from some locale in the USA.

    And I still maintain that riot police have no place in Canadian society. It’s just plain WRONG.

    • kfbunny

      Yes, it wasn’t a Toronto that anyone is really used to. Thankfully, it’s over.

    • Medicinal Mike

      I agree fully. When we see a bunch of guys who look like cops busting a bunch of windows and then run at the police AND THEY LET THEM THROUGH AND THEN CLOSED RANKS AFTER… We can all see they set this up so Dictator harper could hand over a bunch of military style equipment to police. Watching the herding of the sheep and not allowing them to leave THEN OVER RUNNING THEM is just sick. This is Plain Shock and Awe tactics the Nazi’s used. Watching that DEAF black guy get beat up by the cops and then get dragged into a store away from the others for more “Treatment” meanwhile people are attempting to explain to the cops that the guy is completely deaf and he needs a signer. They beat him up because he was disobeying them (was not listening to them). How sick is it to beat up a deaf person for not listening to you? The fact that he was black is just an added bonus. What kind of sick, racist basterds do we have in government? Then there is the video of the reporter who was punched in the face twice and then when he asked why that was done he got not relpy, but a cowardly cop grabbed his microphone and tossed it behind him. When the reporter asked for a supervisor, the supervisor said the cop should have punched him again. In what world does this make sense!

      This is also a huge didstraction from the real issues- Harper has slowed the MMAR so it is backed up by several months, which means thousands of people who can only take cannabis for their Crohns, M.S., AIDS/HIV+, Cancer etc. will be forced to go to the black market and then can be arrested and then forced off the MMAR program because they broke the law. Many who live in chronic pain like I do could easily be driven to suicide if access to their medicine is stopped. I have gone through the opiate drugs and they kill you slowly. I don’t want my liver to shut down. Harper just apologised for the sick actions by the priests and nuns when they where forcing genocide on the native peoples. He is doing the same thing but it has to do with a culture of free thinkers who’s common thread is they use cannabis as a good pain reliever. His holy crusade must be stopped.

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