The post popularity contest

Each day I log on to the dashboard of my blog, on which show daily statistics of which pages and posts were viewed.  It also shows on which, if any, off-site link was clicked that referred someone to the blog as well as any links in my posts that were clicked on.  What I’ve noticed are some interesting trends:

1) The most consistently viewed posts, by far, are from last December.
Apparently the majority of viewers (on average 20 per day) are music lovers.  All my album countdown posts continue to get the most views, with Macro to Micro:  10 Most Definitive Albums of My Decade being by far the most popular, even now, in July.  Although I loved making those countdowns, I never expected their shelf-life to last this long.  I wonder, when I do them again this December, which ones will win?

2) Nudity does get noticed.
Ok, ok.  Calm down.  In Wii Me:  Week 7 I didn’t actually post photos in the buff, but a couple before and after photos of my torso, halfway through my weight-loss challenge using Nintendo’s Wii console.  Interestingly, this post has seen an usual rise in views during the last month.  Consistent views.  Curious.  (Let’s see how many more views it gets now that I’ve made a point of mentioning it.)

3) No one clicks on anything.
I usually try to provide fairly dynamic content in my posts:  photos, video and links to other places of interest.  Regardless, maybe 1% of those links ever get the pleasure of your click.  Don’t worry though, I’ll still put in the effort because I like having the option even if I don’t partake either.


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