The Bedford Academy (50th post!)

Every so often you pick out a favourite hangout.  It takes a while to find a good one–one that you feel very comfortable at, one that provides an enjoyable atmosphere and last but not least, one that your friends agree is a great place to frequent.  Though I’ve been there before, thanks to my University of Toronto colleagues, the Bedford Academy has become such a place.  Strangely enough, it was its competition across the street, the Duke of York, that my friends and I spent more time at.

The Bedford Academy patio

It’s the outdoor patio, which stretches from a few tables in front, down a narrow stretch to a widening (and remarkably large) back section that makes the experience worth it.  Sure I assume there’s an inside too (ok, I’ve been to its washroom and maybe once for dinner), but the jovial and friendly atmosphere is sitting with a drink in the afternoon sun and evening twilight.

So next time you’re in the Yorkville/Annex neighbourhood, try it out.  Also try out their grilled cheese sandwich.  Yum!


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3 responses to “The Bedford Academy (50th post!)

  • Mom

    As I said earlier, you should get paid for your glowing report of this hangout. They pay big bucks for comments such as yours. (It’s called advertising). Enjoy your time there.

  • Daniela

    I went there a month ago; it’s a nice place in the winter time too: they have fireplace and even Christmas decorations!I was missing the snow then.
    Thank you for the suggestion.

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