The 365 Project

Happy New Year!

This year, I’m going to repurpose this blog to take part in the 365 Project (#the365project)  this year.  I like the concept of taking a photo every day and blogging about it.  Provided I have my phone on my, I’ll try my hardest to keep on track.  However, today on Day 1, I’m going to use a slight retrospective.

My parents moved out of my childhood home last October.  I lived there from 1980 until 1993 and on and off after that.  I stayed with at this house every time I visited St. Thomas. On my last visit before the move, in September, I took 367 photos with my iPhone and vowed I’d make several collages to commemorate this part of our family.

A few interesting tidbits about the house:

  • My bedroom had been every bedroom in the house (except my mom’s), including the attic, which most recently was referred to as the “loft”.
  • The Xmas tree was in the family room (pictured below) until I moved out, when it started being in the living room.
  • The deck (pictured as patio) was built on by my step-Dad in the 90s.  The house used to end at the sliding windor doors.
  • The backyard was a vast lawn for most of my childhood before it became the park-like setting it is today.
  • I used to sunbathe on the garage ledge.  I also used to walk on the roof.
  • I remember my mom describing the ‘cubby holes’ in the attic before we moved in and I dreamt of what strange passageways they must be.
  • 4 dogs, 3 cats, 2 newts, 1 bird and 1 rabbit lived in that house at various times.  I think that’s all.

So with this challenge, I’ve put together the first set of collages using about 100 of the 367 photos taken.  When I look at them, I can feel the breeze and sun hitting my skin.  I think I can pick up the remote and change the channel.  I feel the grass between my toes.

Pic 1 – The Patio


Click to see full size

Pic 2 – The Backyard


Click to see full size.

Pic 3 – The Family Room

Family Room

Click to see full size

Pic 4 – The Kitchen

Click to see full view.

Pic 5 – The Patio 2

Click to see full view

Pic 6- Living Room 1

Click to see full view

Pic 6- Living Room 2

Click to see full view

Pic 7- Porch

Click to see full view

Pic 8 – Front Hall

Click to see full view

See you tomorrow.


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6 responses to “The 365 Project

  • Kathy Perret

    What a beautiful home! I bet you have many happy memories! I look forward to your 365 project!

    • seburnt

      Thanks, Kathy. I still have about 300 photos to go through to create collages of the other 10 scenes in that house, or home, rather. Very many memories there, both happy and sad.

      This 365 project for all of us is a great opportunity. I think when I have ones related to TESL/TEFL, I’ll double post on both blogs.

  • Mom

    OMG Tyson – such a beautiful tribute to “our home”. I absolutely love it. I thought for sure I would be there for the rest of my days but unfortunatley that was just not meant to be. That home IS me! I am so appreciative of your efforts dear and will follow your blog for the next 364 days. Thank you for such a wonderful “gift”.
    I love you!

    • seburnt

      Awww, I’m so glad you like them, Mom! I knew from when I took the photos that these types of collages were the goal to preserve the house’s memory. In doing them, I realise how surreal the finished collages feel, but how familiar too. I’ve still got several rooms in the house to do (as you can tell by what’s missing). So I’ll aim to do them one by one and add them to this post. xo

  • Julie McNamara

    You failed to mention that your sister has painted every square inch of this house, venetien plastered kitchen, tiled floors, deacorated and cleaned this house many, many,many times over the years! Hooray for big sisters!

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