The 365 Project – Day 2

Yesterday, I posted a retrospective of some scenes of my childhood home collaged together.  Today, continuing with my collaging artwork, my photo is of the present–the scene I see outside all the windows of my corner unit on the 26th floor of my condo.  We’ve lived here for nearly two years this month.  Some interesting tidbits:

Click to see full view.

  • That very tall, prominent building in the centre wasn’t there when we moved in.
  • The shabby white ones to the right of it are Toronto subsidised housing, which had a gigantic fire in the summer causing 1500+ residents to be evacuated for weeks.
  • The covered pool (middle left) looks much more appealing in summer, especially the hot tub!
  • Google maps finally updated so now our condo shows up;  before the update, our condo site was just a concrete lot.
  • There are 27 photos included together in this collage.

Today is a particularly grey day, so it actually worked out well in terms of matching the sky with the white background.  Don’t let the gloom fool you.  There’s life under that coat of grey and as soon as it decides to make its appearance, I’ll do another collage to commemorate.  I’m guessing that’ll be around Day 100.


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2 responses to “The 365 Project – Day 2

  • Mom

    Amazing pictures of the fire. I can’t believe people are standing on balconies that are only 2 floors below or a floor or two above the fire. I am assuming when you say 27 photos, you are incuding all the ones pertaining to the fire itself. Keep up this interesting blog – I can hardly wait to see whay you post tomorrow. Love ya dear!

    • seburnt

      The 27 photos I referred to are meshed together in the collage in the main post, not the linked blog with the fire photos. 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement.

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