The 365 Project – Day 4

Rocco, my 10.5-year-old mini-pinscher, was just given a bath–something he despises with a passion.  Does this look not express so much emotion? Coming out of the bathtub, he runs around the condo, dragging his head and then body all over the floor, trying to get the ‘wet’ off, I’m sure.  Dirty me up–I hear him saying to himself–or you’ll need to wash my bed too.


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5 responses to “The 365 Project – Day 4

  • mrshawke

    Awww…He’s adorable!! We used to have a miniature Chihuahua who looked very similar. #miss

  • Mom

    tell Rocco his friend (Meesha), is at the hospital today. She had her needles yesterday and has been back to the doctor’s office twice now as she is sick and hot. Poor little girl – I want her home so I can hold her and make her feel better but she is just too sick.

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