The 365 Project – Day 9

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We’ve been growing an orange tree in our bedroom for a little more than a year and watching the fruit grow from tiny green knobs to these beauts you see in the right picture.  They measure about an 1.5″ in diameter, so they’re small and VERY sour so I’m thinking jam?

By the way, I’ve set up a Shuttercal account for this 365 Project in addition to my #tesl365 one.  I just love the way it’s displayed as a calendar–easy to view!


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2 responses to “The 365 Project – Day 9

  • Mom

    when you go to make jam, research a receipe that calls for lots of sugar – lol
    I don’t think many people in Ontario can say they grow oranges in their house – good job!

    • seburnt

      It definitely will need sugar, that’s for sure! I do like being one of the few who grow oranges inside… it reminds me of when we grew bananas in Seoul. Of course, neither fruit has been edible right off the tree.

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