The 365 Project – Day 18

I bought this about a month ago;  I’m not entirely sure why then and not many trips to the grocery store before.  I haven’t opened it because it has memories attached to it that are happy, but not relivable.  When I’d go to the trailer in summer and stay with my Gramma and Grampa, probably before I was 10 or so, Gramma would often make cocoa for me in a brown mug (that I only recently discarded because it broke) in the evenings often after swimming .  It was always a special drink to have as it wasn’t as sweet as hot chocolate, but still delicious and only Gramma made it for me.  I was very happy and comfortable and loved.

I made it for myself last night.  It tasted almost the same, but not quite since I only followed the directions and never paid attention to how Gramma made it.  Like as I’m writing this, some nostalgia swelled inside my chest.  I really miss those times even though I am happy and comfortable and loved now too.


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4 responses to “The 365 Project – Day 18

  • Mom

    I totally understand where you are coming from. Mom used to make hot cocoa for me when I was little too. I have sooooooooooooo many many memories. I too always felt safe and loved. It’s nice to have such good memories isn’t it!

    • seburnt

      Yes, I’m glad to have the memories on one hand because I’m so thankful to have lived through those moments. On the other hand, they sometimes feel like a burden because they make me sad. I guess that’s the nature of the past being in the past.

  • Mom

    If I remember correctly, mom used warm milk, some sugar and cocoa

    • seburnt

      I heated the milk on the stove. I stirred in a small bit of cold milk in a cup with the cocoa and sweetener. Then I stirred the two together. These were the instructions on the can, actually.

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