This is a photo of something that broke today.  This something isn’t exactly an easy thing to fix, nor is it located in a place that makes it easy to fix.  See that crack between the white bar and the grey bar below it?  Yes, that’s open air and a looks down 26 storeys to the ground.  That arm that cranks the window open and closed decided to break from the window today.  I can’t fix it.  How does one put tools under the window without dropping them to the ground below?  Hopefully the repairman knows.



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2 responses to “25/365

  • Mom

    This is structural damage and should be covered by the building insurance. You likely already know that. Anyway, bummer eh. We have these cranks on all of our windows at home as well. Hopefully it gets fixed quickly as you will lose alot of heat thru that hole. I would suggest that you stuff it with a big towel until such time as it is fixed. Always something when you own a place!

    • seburnt

      I put in a work request today with the building. They’ll come up and inspect it to determine their liability. I’m thinking it’s up to them too, since it’s outside.

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