45/365: Garage lighting inside

Garage lighting inside
These are the lights we found in a design shop downtown that we’re going to get to go in the bedroom (likely).  I absolutely love their industrial feel.  But, there’s something slightly nostalgic about them.  I see darkness. I see garages.   I see cobwebs.  This time around, I’ll have to keep them cleaner.


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4 responses to “45/365: Garage lighting inside

  • Sean

    Definitely, looks like something my Mechanic might use to stare into the dark recesses of my engine. Interesting find.

  • Mom

    no wonder they are called garage lights, they are “trouble lights” that my dad used to hang over the fender of a car in order to see the engine when he needed both of his hands free. Bill says he has a couple of these in the basement if you want them. You could actually go to Canadian Tire and purchase them if you wanted to and they would likely be alot cheaper.
    mom xoxoxoxox

    • seburnt

      Interesting. According to the tag, they are “workshop cage lights”. We like them alot, but they are definitely more polished than the regular lights I’m reminded of. The trouble light, like the one we used in the attic cubbyholes with the orange extension cord isn’t quite the same if that’s what you’re thinking.

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