46/365: tulips

I bought these yesterday for Valentine’s day. Fortunately for me, they are my favourite flower and colour of flower.  I swear there’s Dutch inside me.


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5 responses to “46/365: tulips

  • Christi Craig

    Beautiful! Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

  • Mom

    they are very pretty. I thought purple was your favorite colour. As far as your being dutch, you actually do have dutch in you from away back. Apparently some of our relatives came from holland and settled in pennsylvania as did a bunch of other people from holland, therefore they are called pennsylvania dutch.
    mom xoxoxo

    • seburnt

      Hi Mom,
      Purple is my favourite colour, but not of flowers. As for the Dutch thing, according to the research I did on Ancestry.com, that Pennsylvania Dutch you refer to certainly isn’t a noticeable branch of Gramma’s ancestry; British is, however.

  • Johanna

    You may, then, like this book:
    The Tulip Anthology
    Ron van Dongen, Anna Pavord
    On my wish list. Perhaps not as wonderful as the real thing, but there are so many varieties of the real thing that one would never see otherwise.

    • seburnt

      Thanks, Johanna! I do prefer real flowers as opposed to those in books, but if I can see ones I’d not otherwise, it might be worth a browse through in Indigo at the very least.

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