58/365: Barbie is nuts

I went to Ossington & Dundas, old Portuguese town, because I went there for dinner on the 18th and thought it was cool. But during the daylight, oddly everything was closed…except this store, which had a *cough* Barbie display *cough*.


Yonge & St. Mary

I’ve been taking random street view pics for a couple years now.  They’re the kind of photo most people don’t really ever think to take because there’s no one special or events happening in them.  Why do I do this?  Someone has to take these photos so that they exist and future generations can see what the street from this perspective looked like.

56/365: Crayon house

Each day I walk down Homewood (my street), I never notice the houses.  I did today, however, as I was looking for things to photograph.  Most houses on my street are semi-detached, which second-floor wooden balconies.  This one is coloured in turqouise and cherry red!  Pretty.

55/365: RABBA

There’s a 24-hour RABBA open on street level in my building!  And a fantastic coffee shop!  So what, you say?  Now I don’t have to walk 10 minutes to get that carton of milk at 11PM.

54/365: The golden building

This is the future Rotman Commerce building at the University of Toronto.  It’s been under construction since last summer;  I’m unsure of the completion date.  What I do know is this is the building most of my students hope to one day have classes in, but also one that holds great disappointment for the majority of them.  It’s shark waters in that program and only bits and pieces of students survive through first year.

53/365: Mixed message?

I’m not sure the owners of this restaurant thought their name choice through.

52/365: Anything off in this pic?

Anything off in this pic?
As I was riding in the bus southbound on Yonge yesterday afternoon, this scene struck me because it’s multitude of violations.  Can you spot them?

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