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In an attempt to streamline (or rather end the duplication of effort), I’ve decided to continue the #365Project only on my Shuttercal site.  You can continue to follow it from there and comment as you’d like on the individual photos each day.  I’ll also tweet and Facebook them still.  Thanks for coming!

The 365 Project on Shuttercal


62/365: The Queen Is Dead

One of my favourite bands, The Smiths have a number of fabulous albums, not the least of which is this, The Queen Is Dead.  Another distinctive cover featuring features Alain Delon from the 1964 film L’Insoumis, it has now become my desktop wallpaper (replacing the cover to Pet Shop Boys’ Pandemonium).

“Andy – you have left The Smiths. Goodbye and good luck, Morrissey.”

61/365: Transformatree

I looked at this bare, winter-burnt tree in a new light today.  It’s March and behind its lingering sleep is life brewing.

60/365: Queen & Spadina

This is Queen & Spadina, one of the main intersections in Toronto.  It connects Chinatown and Queen West (design district).  It’s a real contrast in terms of price points, but also quality.

59/365: Sparkling clean

I spent the afternoon cleaning.  Yes, on my day off.  Look, the floors sparkle!


Just as an aside, being that it’s the last day of February, take a look at my #365project so far!

58/365: Barbie is nuts

I went to Ossington & Dundas, old Portuguese town, because I went there for dinner on the 18th and thought it was cool. But during the daylight, oddly everything was closed…except this store, which had a *cough* Barbie display *cough*.

Yonge & St. Mary

I’ve been taking random street view pics for a couple years now.  They’re the kind of photo most people don’t really ever think to take because there’s no one special or events happening in them.  Why do I do this?  Someone has to take these photos so that they exist and future generations can see what the street from this perspective looked like.

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