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the Xmas tree starts it all

Thanks to the cookie swap coming up in one short week and availability of transport (courtesy of my sister’s & nephew’s visit this weekend by van), Xmas decorating has begun in its foetal stages.  With the patience of a snail’s mother, Julie & Josh walked with us through the Eaton Centre, from one end, where Crappy Tire & Sears had their trees, to the other, where the Bay had theirs.  After some discussion and waiting for help, we picked up a 7′ with pre-lit white lights for $317.33 (that’s after 25% off and tax added).  The lights are displayed such that as you move around the room, they seem to flicker on their own.  Quite pretty though at the moment, bare:

Xmas Tree Xmas Tree

But why did we buy a new Xmas tree?

A note I never received at an apartment complex I no longer live at:
“[Dear Resident…We are cleaning out the basement this weekend.  If you have anything stored there that you wish to keep, please remove it before Friday.  Otherwise, we will consider it unwanted and dispose of it.  Thank you, Management.]”

I need to get some ornaments for the tree.  We’re thinking one colour, to keep some uniformity and simplicity to it.  But I’m torn between aesthetics and meaningfulness.  Which one is more important?


A festive event

With the purchase of our condo and the holidays coming up, I wanted to have everyone over to celebrate.  Unfortunately, I used up the housewarming party theme when we first moved in as renters (would it be uncouth to do it a 2nd time expecting gifts?  …. yes, yes it would).  So aside from just your standard Xmas get-together, I wracked my brain for original ideas.  Then, one morning while watching Breakfast Television, it came to me (as they were doing a segment on it):

Xmas Cookie Swap invitation

Invite everyone to a Xmas Cookie Swap!

Ok, so it’s not that original.  In fact, people have been doing cookie exchanges for decades.  My mom is involved in at least one or two every holiday season.  But it’s new to my generation, independent of our parents, at least in my neck of the woods.  (Aside:  why has that idiom cropped up in my last two posts?)

Now, the question left is:  What kind of cookies will be the most delicious?

35 + Condo = Adult

After I’d come back from meeting with my lawyer and was at work working away at my computer creating a webinar to help teachers understand how to deal with challenging classroom situations, I had a realization: I have never felt like I’m an adult–at least not the adult I’d considered adults to be when I was growing up. But lately, I’ve been doing more and more things they’ve done and a second revelation really hit me: I must be one.

Major landmarks key to adulthood

  1. Grown-up Job:  Check. I’m the Manager of a national book retailer and distributor–this in an industry I have been employed in for more than a decade.  Before this, I was Program Director for a school…and before that, a teacher–pretty adult sounding professions if you ask me.
  2. Not Young Age:  Check. I turned 35 on October 25th. Unless you’re in your 60s or above, you just can’t call someone my age a young person anymore.  It’s 5 years before 40, a number that most definitely shreaks adulthood.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge my age at all…except for an increasing number of lines by my eyes.
  3. Ginormous Debt & Assets:  Check. My partner and I just bought our very first place–a condo, which is about 329% more expensive than the second-most expensive item we’ve bought.  Me?  I am a homeowner paying a mortgage!?

So does 35 + Condo = Adult?  Only if it means I can keep being my youthful, quirky self amidst the responsible person I need to be.

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