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On Signing Petitions (via Margaret Atwood: Year of the Flood)

I rarely sign petitions myself. I tend to have the opinion that they accomplish nothing but demonstrate a bunch of people (but not enough to make an impact) cared enough to sign their names to a piece of paper (and sometimes not even that much… http://www.petitionspot.com/ anyone?).

Nevertheless, I also can be influenced by individuals whose opinions I respect. And I did type my name on the petition Margaret Atwood mentions in her most recent post, one which like every other piece of writing she creates made me chuckle, smile, sympathise and sob. Ok, I didn’t really sob, but I could have.

So, I walked into The Office of O.W, Toad Ltd., where the usually smiling staff (two in number) who attempt to run my life with whips of steel were giving me the frowny treatment. “You’ve been signing petitions again,” they said. “Naughty Margaret! Don’t you remember that you promised not to do that?” I knew it would be pretty feeble of me to protest that signing petitions was something anyone in a democracy should feel free to do. That would be … Read More

via Margaret Atwood: Year of the Flood

By the way, should you be interested in a bit of Q&A with my favourite author, check out Sept 20 – 24 on here.


The post popularity contest

Each day I log on to the dashboard of my blog, on which show daily statistics of which pages and posts were viewed.  It also shows on which, if any, off-site link was clicked that referred someone to the blog as well as any links in my posts that were clicked on.  What I’ve noticed are some interesting trends:

1) The most consistently viewed posts, by far, are from last December.
Apparently the majority of viewers (on average 20 per day) are music lovers.  All my album countdown posts continue to get the most views, with Macro to Micro:  10 Most Definitive Albums of My Decade being by far the most popular, even now, in July.  Although I loved making those countdowns, I never expected their shelf-life to last this long.  I wonder, when I do them again this December, which ones will win?

2) Nudity does get noticed.
Ok, ok.  Calm down.  In Wii Me:  Week 7 I didn’t actually post photos in the buff, but a couple before and after photos of my torso, halfway through my weight-loss challenge using Nintendo’s Wii console.  Interestingly, this post has seen an usual rise in views during the last month.  Consistent views.  Curious.  (Let’s see how many more views it gets now that I’ve made a point of mentioning it.)

3) No one clicks on anything.
I usually try to provide fairly dynamic content in my posts:  photos, video and links to other places of interest.  Regardless, maybe 1% of those links ever get the pleasure of your click.  Don’t worry though, I’ll still put in the effort because I like having the option even if I don’t partake either.

Courstree blog & website

I spent much of my long weekend redoing Coursetree’s website.  Although I loved the design Ian did for the first version, the graphics just didn’t seem the most effective for the content of the page.  I felt that a more serious design (and readable) was warranted for my potential customers.  As a result, I went for a newspaper or blog-style approach.  Please take a look at version two here.

Additionally, I’ve wanted to participate in the ESL blogging world like so many others I follow on Twitter.  Plus, there is a lot of detailed information, like the About Us section of the website, that I felt was too much text for the homesite.  So, Coursetree Blog came to be.  Please check it out for ESL-related materials.  🙂

You, Time-lapsed over a Decade?

Taking a pic of yourself everyday for 3 years results sounds lame, but sometimes what’s lame ends up so cool.

That is one of the most intriguing videos I have ever seen!  See how you change appearance over time is usually only documented by a few photos a year, and almost never in the same exact pose (except for the yearly school photos from childhood).  When I was growing out my hair five years ago, I did take monthly photos of myself (another example of being a geek?) to document how much it had grown.  But this, this is much cooler!

This lead me to find related links on youtube…. here’s one of a guy over 6 years!

Imagine doing this everyday for 20 or 30 year?  Man, I’d better start now.

Incidentally, I found the first video here by searching for “moose knuckles” because it’s on the inside of Ian’s new jacket and we didn’t know what it meant until today.  Quite unrelated, you’d think, eh?

KfB recommends… Blog #1

I decided today that if I expect anyone to come to my blog from others, it is about time that I reciprocated with a blog roll of my own, which you’ll now find in the right-most column.  Sure, my hyperlinking gesture may just result in a minute cyber-karma increase rather than actual traffic, but that’s still good, right?  It’s Christmas after all.  With this goodwill in mind, I thought I’d do a couple entries on my favourites.

One of my favourite blogs is of the music variety, NEON GOLD (you’ll currently find it now betwixt “Kfbunny Elsewhere” and “Technology etc”).  Ok, I’ll level with you–I first noticed them because of the free music they give away, but later through some investigation, have come to believe they are a label themselves (they do sell the artists’ music on their site), promoting their own artists with mp3 downloads and complimentary descriptions.  I first discovered Marina & the Diamonds this way.

Since then, I’ve become a big fan of the Sound of Arrows too.

If you like pop music, I recommend trying out some of the best over there.

The Kung Fu Bunny Saga begins

Before I’d joined English Central, which is where I now (unnaturally) happily spend my days, it had been decided that a blog focusing on ESL/EFL-related commentary would be a great way to speak directly to our website-goers about the industry we know a lot about and with our sparkling personalities and clever wit, who would resist tuning in to read the latest entry? So, I started putting in my two cents on our blog, along with Nicole and Tania. I also try to keep up with a few other blogs, like Delta Development Blog by Delta Publishing, Read Write Web and most recently, Jamie Keddie.

Couple this saturation in blog reading with quirky things that happen to me or I come across on my merry stroll through the internet and #banf#, you find yourself in the midst of my new, mostly ESL-unrelated blogging alter ego, Kung Fu Bunny. Why Kung Fu Bunny? That’ll have to wait for another day.


But in the meantime….  take a poll.

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